Search engine optimization

Can't find you on Google? Page loading slowly? Not a secure domain? No problem, we can fix it.

What exactly do we mean by search engine optimization?

We often receive inquiries asking if we can provide search engine optimization. The first thing to do is to clarify what the client means by this. Some people want to achieve a higher ranking in Google’s search results for keywords that are relevant to them. Some want to improve the page load speed. Others want to reduce the size of their website because they have to pay too high a price for hosting. All of these are search engine optimization, but they serve different purposes.

“I want to be first”

This is basically every website owner’s dream. To be first in Google’s search results. In the past, it was relatively easy to achieve this by spamming your site with the most important keywords. But for some years now, Google has ignored this and much more sophisticated tools are needed. Today, who comes first depends on a lot more. Google takes into account the quality and the amount of text on the page, how much time users spend on the page, and other similar characteristics. We don’t have control over everything, but there are some best practices to improve your website’s performance.

Our way

We prepare your website for search engine optimization while the website is being built. We will use image and file compression tools, add meta titles and descriptions, and when the website or webshop is moved to its final location, we will also set up https redirection if the domain is SSL certified.

Then we hook up Google’s crawling system, submit the sitemap, and hook up Google’s analytics system. All this is standard for websites we build or optimize.

The metadata of – The way Google sees you

Technical SEO

We’ve already touched on some of this, as we also do the technical search engine optimization settings on our websites by default. This is completely independent of the content, it concerns the file structure and database of the website or webshop.

These include different compression rules, or when and where to load style files and animations. This is a sensitive area, as what is best for the user is not always what is best for Google. A happy medium needs to be found so that the user experience is not over-optimized, but also so that the page load is not slow.

Optimizing step by step

Hello Google, here we are!

When you think search engine, you think Google. Despite the existence of Bing or Yahoo, Google’s dominance is unquestionable. That’s why we try to get its attention, which is not easy for a neglected or new website.

But with our methods you can see results in just a few weeks. The technical SEO described in this article will already help Google’s robots to index your page more easily. However, that’s not all we can do.

Google business account

We’ll set up a Google business account for your business. It’s free to use, you can enter the contact details of your company website or online shop, and it helps you get a head start in search results.

Google map

We put you on the map. Search engines near your business location will find you much easier. Google is careful to include providers that are physically close to you in the first results. Results are also displayed on a map, a visual solution that is more eye-catching than other text-based results.


If you have video content, there’s no question that you need a YouTube account. It’s the world’s number two search engine, and since it’s also owned by Google, it’s happy to recommend relevant content available on YouTube in its search results. As there are currently far fewer people on Youtube than on the internet in general, you can get off to a good start by creating videos topical to your business. We’ll keyword them appropriately and add descriptions, so your account will bring you useful customers.

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