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About Us

Webgrow is a full service digital marketing agency. Trust us with any part of your communication or online marketing, or even all of it, and grow!

Why Webgrow?

A new website

that builds brand and brings business.

An online store

where your customers can easily find what they are looking for and buy it just as conveniently.

The SEO strategy

that delivers traffic without paid ads.

The online campaign

with which you can reach your customers where they are and draw attention to your product or service.

Social media sites

that your audience follows because you entertain, educate, and build an expert brand with your content.

In order to achieve all these, it is not enough to „market” as usual.

It’s not enough, because no matter how goal-oriented you are, you can’t solve all marketing tasks in-house. It’s not enough, because it’s not your job to keep track of the latest trends in online marketing, the „tricks” of social media sites, or search engine algorithm changes. Just as you cannot keep in mind the current tasks of all your web platforms.

You just need to know one thing -> that you want to grow, and for that you need an experienced, cooperative partner who can handle complex tasks.

As a full service digital marketing agency, you can entrust us with any task of your online marketing.

By changing your image, creating a website or webshop, or with online marketing tasks such as advertising management, the production of textual and visual (image, video) content and search engine optimization.

However, it is not us who will make you big, but those to whom your product or service offers joy, experience, medicine, or solution. Your future customers, members of your target group.

What we do for your growth is to connect with your audience

We help them find, address and impress them.

Kérj ingyenes konzultációt!

Our team

Dorian Kovács

Founder, owner, Google Ads specialist

PPC strategist, project manager. 10+ years of broadcast media experience, certified Google Ads Search expert and graduated Scrum Master.

Kata Kalmár

Project manager

She procures, organizes, and manages, translating from Hungarian to Hungarian for you to understand what, when, and why developers or advertising managers do something.

David Kovács

Lead developer

Full stack frontend and backend developer with 10+ years of experience. Developer of the startup Heurio project management application. International corporate experience.

Ákos Novák

Web developer and marketing strategist

Developer of complete marketing systems with 10+ years of experience. He is a master of exploiting web tools to achieve our clients' goals.

Alexandra Máté


She is an experienced journalist, blog author, SEO copywriter, and creative content producer, seasoned at Life magazine. She effortlessly masters Canva and CapCut, using these programs to create professional creatives for you, whether it’s organic content or advertisements.

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Dorian Kovács

Founder, CEO

“We want to help you grow in the world of the web. We plan your website, online store, PPC campaign or SEO strategy with this in mind.”

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