Online marketing

Want to be first on Google right away? Want to build a community on Facebook and Instagram but don't know how or don't have the time? We’ll handle your Google ads management and social media content production, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

Google PPC campaign management

Search campaigns

If you want instant results and exposure for your business online, you can’t miss out on a Hungarian PPC provider. With a new or poorly optimised website, there is no other way for customers to find your website or webshop. These ads are displayed in text form on the Google search interface. After a search is started, the ads that are set for a search keyword are listed first in Google’s results list.

Shopping campaigns

Webshops can benefit greatly from a Google Shopping campaign. These small card ads also appear on the results page. They sell exactly what’s on the tin, because they list products relevant to the current search terms with title, image, price and the name of the online shop selling them. These ads give the shopper the most information about a product, so if they click, they are very likely to make a purchase.

Display campaigns

These are visual advertisements that appear on the interfaces of different websites, i.e. not in Google’s search system, but on portals that have provided Google with an advertising space. It is mostly used for remarketing purposes, i.e. to target users who have already interacted with the advertiser in some way. For example, they visited your website, YouTube channel or social media page.

Our method

Google hirdetéskezelés
The Google Ads account of one of our clients. 3 million HUF monthly income with 100 thousand HUF cost.

First, we will review your website and identify your conversion points. If we don’t find your landing page useful enough, we’ll suggest how it should be redesigned to get better results from your ads. We also map your competitors’ sites and compare them to yours. We’ll do keyword research based on the content of your and your competitors’ pages.

We then set up the campaign(s). For each service or product category, we will set up a separate ad group with at least two, but preferably four, different ads to compete on their performance.

We will report back to you every month and make any changes you request or professionally recommend. We fine-tune and maintain your keyword list and exclusion keyword list.

Facebook and Instagram

Organic content production

Közösségi média marketing
Social media calendar – planned routine instead of improvisation

Organic content is the content that your followers will see on your site without you advertising it. It is the cohesive force of the community, it is what the site “feeds” its followers. An empty Facebook or Instagram page will not be followed.

It also matters what content we post, when and how we post it. At least a month in advance, you need to plan what topics you want to focus on, what your business is currently focused on, where you want to take your audience.


Not just a business page, we also create a closed Facebook group for your business. This is designed to ensure that the community is not just a consumer of content, but they play an active role in shaping it. Let members help each other, let the group take on a life of its own. We can also make group membership paid. This way, you can generate additional income, plus members will feel that they are part of an exclusive club.

Facebook, Instagram ads

Facebook gives us the opportunity to target your audience with pinpoint accuracy. We can create multiple audiences, communicating differently depending on their interests or where they are in the sales funnel. For example, it is unnecessary to chase a user with a product/service they have already bought. However, they will very likely add a product related to what they have purchased to their shopping cart.

Let us manage your ads, from target definition to implementation. We design and implement campaigns, reporting regularly on performance.

Why Webgrow? Because we’d like to help you grow online. Web development? Online ad campaign? SEO? Don’t name the service, name the goal you want to reach. We set the focus on that and we find our best web based solution to help you grow bigger.

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