Website creation

From simple introductory websites to complex systems. We can help with whatever you need.

Custom graphics or design template?

Whichever direction you take, website development is always preceded by coming up with a look and feel. It is much easier, and therefore cheaper, to re-design the look and feel of a website if it only exists as a graphic than if it’s already a website with features.

Custom web design and online custom website creation can give the customer more freedom, because when you design on a blank piece of paper, your hands are not tied at any level. You can tailor the look and feel 100% to your company’s identity. However, there are also the advantages of ready-made so-called web design templates. If you don’t have a specific idea for the look of your website, a ready-made “off the rack” solution can be a good source of inspiration. Of course, these templates can also be customized to give an almost unique look, but there may be some constraints during development.

WordPress or custom-built website?

This is the next dilemma a prospective website owner will face. There is no black and white, yes-no answer in this case either. It depends on the budget available, the features expected, and how simple an administrative interface you need.

However, as an ordinary user, no one will be able to tell whether a website is a WordPress framework or custom development. A sophisticated look, fast loading, secure operation can be achieved in both cases.

weboldal készítés
Custom built website for Swietelsky Hungary
weboldal készítés
The portfolio website of Rapa Architects with WordPress framework

WordPress is always cheaper because you have a framework to build on. You don’t have to start with a blank slate. However, it has its limitations. WordPress originally debuted as a blog engine, but later became a real Swiss Army knife with various extensions and templates. It is still not a good choice for building websites with a large database, and it may not be a good choice for building a complex webshop with inventory management. But WordPress is the most popular framework in the world. World-famous companies such as BBC America, Disney and Beyoncé have chosen it as their website engine.

What do I need to build a website?

It’s OK if you can’t make up your mind about what’s been discussed so far. We can help you with that if you tell us the purpose of your website. And that’s what we want you to do. Be clear about why you need a website. Who do you want to reach? How? What information do you want to collect from them? What do you want them to do after they visit your site? Should they sign up for your newsletter? Call you? Download a document? Tell us, and we’ll create a website for you that takes you from the point of interest to the desired destination.

Google-friendly websites

Once your website is ready, we will install the SSL certificate to give your website a “secure” label. We then hook up Google’s crawler and upload a so-called sitemap of the website to it, so that Google can more easily crawl your website. We also put in Google’s analytics tracking code so you can easily track your website traffic. You can see which content visitors were most interested in and which ones were less. And you can build on that. A website is never finished. At least if it’s done right…

Why Webgrow? Because we’d like to help you grow online. Web development? Online ad campaign? SEO? Don’t name the service, name the goal you want to reach. We set the focus on that and we find our best web based solution to help you grow bigger.

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