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Grow with online marketing

Get ahead in Google. Get interested people with ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. To build a community with your own content, to be there in the minds of the target group. If you do all of these consistently with your business goals in mind, your business will grow. Our online marketing service helps with this.

Reach your customers where they are active

Go where your prospects are and supply them with messages that literally pull them into your funnel. It’s that simple and that’s how hard online marketing is.

The barrier to predictable growth is sometimes „just” that you don’t know where to find the audience, and that what you want to tell them leaves them cold.

Hundreds of thousands of people enter terms related to your product or service into Google every month. Thousands spend long hours every single day on social media, pouncing on any content (paid advertising or not) that relates to the problem that only you can solve.

->And you „just” have to get in front of their eyes. But how? Smartly planned and executed, with constantly tested online marketing.

Strategy is the difference between floundering and successful online marketing

You gain two things with online marketing:

  1. Targeted traffic to your website and campaign page,
  2. and a warmed-up, enthusiastic audience, whose opinions, answers, and choices you can rightly base your decisions on.

You can achieve all this with paid ads and organic (not supported by ads) content

Paid ads are quickly set up, can be targeted precisely and can be easily changed, in return, ad management accounts require professional hands, especially with a monthly budget of half a million.

Producing organic content requires careful construction. At the same time, paid advertising is not a sprint either, if you want to grow, think in terms of a marathon here as well

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Google PPC campaigns - for a search from customers

Wouldn't it be nice to only pay for those you really care about? With click-based, PPC (pay per click) ads, you really only pay if the interested party clicks.

Google search ads - and visitors will come to you

Anyone who enters into the search engine how to reduce their electricity bill, or what investment properties are nearby, is thirsty for information. With Google’s paid ads, you can quickly get to the top of the search results pages. That way, you don’t have to wait for the search engine optimized content of your website to find its way to them organically.

  • We develop the types of ads, set up your Google Ads account.
  • We carry out keyword planning and prepare the advertising texts.
  • We create campaigns for the right target audience(s).
  • We monitor whether the ads meet the metrics.
  • We fine-tune and maintain the keyword list and the negative keyword list

Google Shopping campaign - from the search engine to the cart

As a webshop, being without a Google Shopping ad is like bricking up your storefront. Your customer enters what they want in the search engine, and your product appears on the results page with a picture, name, company name and price. You don’t have to be afraid that your competitors will appear next to you, at least they can compare them.

  • We assign relevant search terms to your product.
  • We use the product data to create an attractive Google Shopping advertisement.
  • An impressed visitor is only one click away from making a purchase.

Google Display campaigns - appear in thousands more places

These image ads are not displayed on Google, but on the Google Display network, which consists of thousands of websites, portals, and websites worldwide.

  • We adjust the ads so that they appear where your target audience is based on their demographic characteristics or interests.
  • We mostly target those who contacted you in a remarketing campaign, e.g. they visited your website or one of your social media pages.
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Managing your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ads - strategy, targeting, implementation

It is indisputable that for many Meta platforms are „the” social media. Two-thirds of Hungary has a Facebook account, but there are also 3 million people on Instagram. It is almost certain that your target group is also available on the pages. You can also advertise on TikTok, which has reached one billion users worldwide: every 4th of their visitors can only be reached there.

  • Would you like to gain awareness, drive traffic to your site, activity, interested people, would you like to sell? First, we translate your goals into the language of the platforms.
  • We plan the target audience based on their age, place of residence, interests, or interest in your brand, and set budgets.

We track, test, and social ads are at the service of your growth.

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Newsletter - what they ask for because they are really interested

Your followers come across your newsletter because they subscribed to it, and not because the algorithm put it in front of them. This is true for all organic content, but especially for email marketing. Newsletters are a real dialogue, a friendly relationship in which even sales letters can be written with a value-adding approach.

  • We plan your e-mail marketing from the type of letters to their content.
  • We will put together the system needed to send out the letters.

Newsletter campaign management. We prepare, schedule, send out, analyze and continuously improve the newsletters – that is, we operate the e-mail marketing system.

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Management of social media pages, content production - presence and community in one

Your Facebook or Instagram posts can be seen by your followers without you advertising them separately. With its algorithm that spins content of interest to users to millions of views, TikTok can also be your good friend if you want to grow. It’s true, it doesn’t matter what, when and how you post.

  • We will discuss what is the focus of your business, where would you like to direct your audience.
  • If necessary, we will create your business pages and plan several months in advance what topics will appear in the text or video content.

If exclusivity is the goal, we will also create a closed Facebook group.

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This is how we plan and implement your online marketing

We are on track

We ask what you want to achieve, we recommend online channels for your goals, we define the metrics together, and then we also outline where we are going from there.

We look at the market

We also map your competitors' websites, ads, and organic content in order to learn from them.

We guarantee the results

We will review your website and landing page, and if there is anything that threatens the conversion, we will make a proposal to polish it.

Campaigns and content are launched

We can even set up a separate advertising group for each service or product category, and we will prepare your organic posts.

We measure, test, measure, test

We even create multiple ads to compete against them based on their performance.

We report, analyze, fine-tune, you grow

We report monthly on the success of campaigns and content, visitor behavior, conversion, and the fulfillment of metrics.


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