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Have a webshop tailored to your customers

You open your online store not for your company, but for those who will shop there. Whether you choose a WooCommerce, UNAS, Shoprenter, Shopify or Shoptet webshop, or a custom-developed one, you can be sure that we create a mobile-optimized, user-friendly webshop where your customers can easily find what they want.

Anyone can have an online store

Their fast-loading, trusted and visited online store is only for those who have built on strong foundations. A lot of things have to come together for that. The well-thought-out structure, the persuasive, search engine-optimized product texts, the attractive images and videos, the responsive, mobile-optimized appearance, or the protection of personal data, ensuring GDPR compliance.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we not only understand, but also apply these practices successfully. We will be happy to create marketing photos and videos for your webshop, then we will help you attract as many relevant visitors as possible with paid ads, organic content and e-mail marketing, i.e. online marketing.

By your side until the handover of the webshop, and beyond

We build exactly the webshop you need to achieve your business goals and put it in front of your customers. This is not the only reason why we don’t make just one type, you can choose an open-source, uniquely developed webshop and a webshop for rent.

The free base of open source webshops, such as WordPress-based WooCommerce, means some relief in terms of price. But you still move within specific frameworks, and if the existing templates and plugins don’t meet your needs, sooner or later you’ll run into limitations.

The price of individually developed webshops is higher, but in return they know almost everything. It is not an exaggeration that you will have a webshop without compromises, which drives the customer experience to the highest level.

Webshops that can be started quickly, are easy to operate, grow along with your business, and can be rented for a monthly fee, such as UNAS, Shoprenter, Shopify or Shoptet, represent the golden middle ground in terms of costs and options.

Which is the smartest decision for your business in the long term? Or do you already know that you want a unique or rented webshop? Would you like to customize your existing online store? As a full service agency, we routinely accompany you along the way to a successful online store.

This is how we design and implement your webshop

The development of the online store begins with asking who you want to reach and with what product or service. If you need product images, product and blog texts, and advertisements, we can coordinate this as well. The next step is to select the functionality.

-> 1. We map out your needs and give you advice.

If you want an online store that provides an excellent user experience, you will definitely need the basic functionality below. Any webshop made by us has these:

  • Inventory management – so you can monitor the numbers.
  • Purchase statistics – so that you can learn from the behavior of your customers.
  • Introductory subpages – to tell your story.
  • Automatic e-mails – the beginning of a joyful relationship with your customers.
  • Newsletter integration; contact form – so that you can reach them at any time later, and they can also reach you.
  • Main and subcategorization – so that visitors can easily navigate between products.
  • Multiple delivery and payment methods; free delivery method depending on the cart price – for convenient, fast shopping.
  • Blog function – to drive traffic to the webshop even without paid advertising.
  • With customer account registration – your customers can track your shared stories, i.e. their orders so far (but it is also possible to purchase without registration).

All this can be expanded with many functions, including:

  • Bank card payment integration (OTP, Barion, PayPal, etc.)
  • Package point integration (Foxpost, Postapoint, GLS point, etc.)
  • Integration of product sharing sites – your products can also appear on the pages of Árgép, Arukereső, Google Shopping, and Emag.
  • Multilingual content (English, German, etc.), selectable currency – if you are thinking about international sales
  • Image gallery – more quality images (and videos) lead to more sales.

What comes next?

Design, development, expandability.

Next comes the creation of the wireframes and the design, followed by the construction of the open source, custom or rentable web store. We develop your online store in such a way that it can be further expanded at any time, so if you need a new function later, that's not a problem either.

Testing, handover, training.

After the handover, we will introduce you to the operation of the administration interface: product uploading, categorization, labeling, pricing. We also make an instructional video about the operation of the online store, which you will receive and can watch again at any time. If you still have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

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