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Marketing photo and video: grow with visual content

our website, your image, your entire marketing? Without professional marketing photos and videos, it will be a difficult journey. Unique visual content builds a brand, increases trust, and differentiates. Your social channels and interfaces are also hungry for content: your ads and social media pages constantly require images and videos.

Choose marketing photos and videos that make you stand out from the noise!

Stoppable images and videos in scrolling

According to research, it takes 50 milliseconds to decide whether visitors will stay on the website or leave quickly. „Only” that much depends on the visuality: on whether the sight they are faced with is expressive enough

With the advancement of short videos, Reels and Shorts, the attention span in social media also decreased by the second. The point of these videos is no longer to tell a complicated story, but to stop you for a breather.

The secret to stoppable marketing photos and videos in scrolling is not the special equipment (although it is not a disadvantage), but an experienced eye. A way of seeing that combines visual rules, technical skills, and creativity.

->Low-quality, unconceptualized images and uncharacteristic stock photos are not only ineffective, but they even destroy the brand image.

A professional experienced in marketing photography and videography, on the other hand, knows what to highlight, what and how to make it even more spectacular, how to build up the visuals.

You can grow with visual content

While your company website should ideally only be provided with photos and videos once (and then updated if necessary), your campaign pages and social media pages should be continuously fed with visual content.

As a full service marketing agency, our experience is that this can be done effectively if convincing marketing photos and videos are thoughtfully, planned and scalable.

This is how we make your photos and videos for business purposes

We discuss why visual content is needed.

The joint work starts with the assessment of needs and the creation of a visual concept. We agree on where and with what theme you need photos and videos, with what deadline and regularity. In the case of websites, webshops, text content and advertisements created by us, we already draw attention to the types of photos and videos that may be needed during the planning and preparation phase.

Photography and video recording coming up.

Are you preparing an introductory website, sales page, image campaign? The goal in photography and videography: we adjust the style, storytelling, environment, lights, and filters accordingly. The exact format and size of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube Shorts is secondary.

The most common types of marketing photos and videos you can entrust to us:

  • Product photos – for website, webshop, social media pages.
  • Interior photos – of your office, shop, practice, property.
  • Team and portrait photography – for your company’s website and social media pages.
  • Drone footage – spectacular aerial footage of your property or event.
  • Short videos for your social pages – Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts videos.
  • Image film – videos showing your company’s values ​​and building a positive brand image.

The photo and video will be in place and start working for your brand.

Even if the topic is the same, images and videos with a different layout and resolution are needed for the homepage or gallery of a website, YouTube or Instagram. You only benefit from this, as it means that visual content can work well on multiple channels.

We take photos and videos with this omnichannel approach. In the case of a decorative cake photo, for example, we make sure that short, still-format clips that can be written are also created, which are ideal for Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts videos, video posts.

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You don’t have to produce photo and video content and advertisements at all costs, everywhere, only where your target group is present. And only if you have something to say to them.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can manage your entire online marketing, including photos and videos for your website, webshop, and social channels.

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